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Fix a Windows Vista Pc

I think we live in some strange times. We all have personal computers and almost all of those computers have Microsoft Windows Vista on them. Don't get me wrong. PCs have been a wonderful advancement to man kind. They've allowed us to get on the Internet and do so many things that were never before possible.

Having said that I think Microsoft really made computers harder to use than they need to be. In fact there's almost nothing I can think of that is as unreliable as my Microsoft Windows Vista PC. I really do think things are changing with Tablet Computers and Microsoft Windows will be thing of past in the home.

But in the meantime we're stuck with our PCs running Windows. If you've had yours for over a year you probably notice that it doesn't run as fast as the day you bought it.   

What I learned about PCs is that they kind of need an "oil change" or "tune up" much like your car. Once you do this your computer will run like new again.

There are programs that do this and they're called Clean Up Utilities.

I've done a LOT of work with Windows Vista PCs and have used a lot of clean up utilities. That's why I started this blog. I wanted a spot where people could come and learn how to fix their own PCs with these programs.

Like most things there are good PC Clean up Utilities and some bad ones. I'll make sure to tell you about both on this site. I'll also be posting videos and tutorials that I find useful for making your computer faster again.

Fixing your own computer and making it run like new isn't very hard if you just have the right instructions. Read through my blog and should have no problem getting your computer to run like new again.